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The Wali Intelligent Management System

Grow your Sales and connect with over 200,000 customers in a personalized way

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How Wali Works

Powerful features in a single dashboard

Customer Rewards Program

Convert new customers to frequent shoppers

A flexible, customizable, and convenient loyalty program, 10X more individual sales.

Smart Membership Service

Understand purchasing trends

Gain insight on your customers' shopping habits, and receive automatic recommendations based on real time data

‘1 click’ Targeted Marketing

Quick communication based on shopping habits

Send promotions via SMS and push notifications to mobile devices in 1 click.

Promotion Tracking

Instantly know the best promotion channel for you

Learn from experience, design the most efficient campaigns just for you.


Encourage more transactions through fun

Create your own personalized game that will keep your customers longer, ordering more, and coming back to redeem their rewards.

Business insight

Understand your Unique Customer Base

Access valuable data for every action you make and get to know your customers better than ever

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